Suburban Giants


Suburban Giants is a collaboration between Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart and visual artist Jo Kerlogue. The work repurposes the Nintendo Wii controller in order to create a large scale interactive digital canvas.

The result is an interactive projection work that builds on Graffiti Research Lab’s Laser Tag, adding significantly more functionality and control potential to large-scale urban projection. Utilising Adobe Flash and open source Wii hacks, Suburban Giants facilitates the ability to both digitally draw on large-scale surfaces and  physically manipulate giant ‘digital puppets’. These ‘puppets’ can also be visually manipulated in a scrap-book-collage style, mixing and matching body parts.

The work was initially commissioned for Adelaide’s Feast Festival 2008 and toured to a variety of city council’s across the festival, traveling on the back of a custom built projector bike provided byCarclew Youth Arts.

Since it’s initial presentation season, it has been presented at the 2009 Electrofringe Festival in Newcastle as part of the This Is Not Art Festival and the South Australia Living Artist Festival in Adelaide.